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Principal's Desk







Jamalpur Mahavidyalaya, founded nearly two decades ago with support from renowned figures in Jamalpur, stands as a testament to the collective vision of the community. Situated on the banks of the river Damodar, the college aims to provide higher education to students from Jamalpur, surrounding regions, and distant areas of Purba Bardhaman and neighboring districts, symbolizing a commitment to educational advancement and community development.

Jamalpur Mahavidyalaya, located in this rural and agrarian region, is dedicated to spreading education among the significant SC, ST, and minority populations. The college recognizes the unique challenges faced by these marginalized sections and believes that education is a torch that dispels superstitions and fosters rational and practical thinking. Despite societal advancements, many students from these backgrounds still struggle for equal recognition and opportunities.

The mission of the college is to provide a platform for those who dare to dream big despite the oppressive forces of patriarchy and harsh socioeconomic realities. Empowered through proper education, these students are encouraged to aspire and achieve their ambitions. Jamalpur Mahavidyalaya aims to liberate learning and learners from biases related to caste, creed, gender, religion, and economic status. The institution strives to become a leading academic center where knowledge and skills are harmonized, fostering confidence among the primary beneficiaries – the students.

The college aims to enrich students intellectually, culturally, ethically, and functionally, transforming the surrounding society into a knowledge-based one. Its vision, encapsulated as 'EEE' – Education, Emancipation, and Empowerment – focuses on educating students, freeing them from limitations hindering their academic pursuits, and empowering them to earn their livelihoods during their 3 to 4 years of undergraduate studies.

To fulfill this objective, the college has initiated numerous developmental programs, diligently working to achieve its planned goals, specifications, and requirements. It continuously adapts to the contemporary shift from traditional education systems to outcome-based teaching and learning.

Principal extends special thanks to all contributors, including educationists, policymakers, social activists, administrators, officers, authorities from the D.P.I. office and the affiliating university, e.g., The University of Burdwan. The tireless efforts of the teaching faculty, non-teaching staff members, alumni association, and learners, who maintain discipline and uphold values, are gratefully acknowledged. Financial support obtained from Government of West Bengal, grant-in-aid received from Honorable Member of Parliament, Purba Bardhaman Parliamentary constituency, financial and all time support obtained from the Honorable Member of Legislative Assembly of Jamalpur Constituency and guidance from the University Grants Commission (UGC) have been instrumental in enriching various departments.

Principal gratefully acknowledges the Governing Body of the college for their all-time support, kind co-operation and constant encouragement for smooth running of the college.

With its rich history, lush green eco-friendly campus, and vibrant sportive spirit, Jamalpur Mahavidyalaya is determined to support the new generation in building a world marked by love, fraternity, peace and harmony. The college seeks a collective commitment to the enduring dream of education as 'enkindling a flame,' leading to intellectual and practical growth.

Dr. Shrabanti Banerjee, Principal, Jamalpur Mahavidyalaya,
M.Sc. (Chemistry), B.Ed., Ph.D.